Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant
Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant
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Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant
Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant
Surya Singh (Surrey, BC)

Acharya Rajesh is an astrologer with a difference. You will be amazed how he can read you like a book. His insights help put lot of things in perspective. There is no way that after meeting him one doesn’t move ahead. His approach to life, his views on spirituality just make you wanna sit and keep listening.

Surya Singh
Tanvir Chaudhry (Surrey, BC)

I know Acharya Rajesh for almost 10 years now. He is honest, humble and straight forward. His readings are very accurate. I have tried his readings a number of times and found them to be on the dot accurate. I canquote a very recent happening. My nephew who lives in a different province suddenly started exhibiting para normal behaviour. When I couldn’t find help anywhere I approached Acharya Rajesh and he just asked me for a picture of my nephew and said don’t worry he will be fine by morning. True to his words my nephew was fine by the morning.

Sonia (Gurgaon, India)

I have a good 15year association with Acharya Rajesh  (Rajesh bhaiya as I call him). My Association started with him for purely astrological reasons. His predictions are very accurate and above all he is one person who is non-commercial and gives you the correct advice. I have been wearing the rings that he had suggested and they work like magic. His predictions are consistent- what he had told me 15 years back still hold good and that purely shows he gives you his word and sticks by it about his prediction.  My life is in a better shape ,thanks to him.
Sonia Saberwal Jaggi

Sonia Saberwal Jaggi
Afshan (New Delhi, India)

I clearly remember the first day I met Rajesh. Initially I was hesitant and did not know if I would get answers for my so many questions..but when I started speaking to him, the conversation went on and on and on..Felt as if those 3-4 hrs finished in few seconds.

Everything that he said about my past, present, my feelings etc was so true.  His reading are very accurate. One small example if I have to share is about my house. We had started constructing a house 10 years back. There was something or the other happening and the construction never got over. This had created a lot of tensions in the entire family. I discussed the same with Rajesh and he identified the problem. Not only that, he suggested a solution too which really worked. After that process things went really smooth.

Apart from that I have taken guidance and advice for him in my personal matters too. He always guided me in the best possible way. With his advice you feel you are in safe hands.

Deepti Kochak (New Delhi, India)

My relationship with Acharya Rajesh is inexplicable, indescribable. It goes beyond the heart. To be connected with him is the greatest blessing I know of. Staying miles away  I communicate with him via telepathy and he  guides me at every step in my spiritual journey. The quality of my life has improved drastically after meeting him and, not just mine but everybody's in the family. Compared to before I am now more relaxed for most of the time. The biggest change in my life is to appreciate and acknowledge what I have in life and to be in harmony with all the things that I don't have...I bow down with immense gratitude. Thanks Acharya Rajesh!

Deepti – 91-880641867 (mobile)

Nishi Dhanjal (Gurgaon, India)

Dear Rajesh ji
After meeting you my mind's perspective has changed drastically. I am now able to see and understand a lot of things which I never would have imagined to even think about. Sometimes I still wonder how and why God made me meet you. Does that mean that there is something more he wanted me to do spiritually ? I feel more aware spiritually. I pray to God that your guidance be with me at all times.
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Nishi Dhanjal
Parul Jain (New – Delhi, India)

Hi Mr Rajesh, I just had to send a note to let you know how grateful I am to have found you. Your advice has changed my whole outlook and the way I look at life. I never had amale figure in my life who I could go and talk to. Now that I look back at it all these years god has blessed me with you. When I had no one to talk to, and no where to turn you were always there offering your ear, astrological advice, and your wisdom. I remember 2 yrs back when my mom got hospitalised and doctor gave us the final answer, your accurate reading and solution made her come back from the death bed, it was a miracle for us. Anyway I hope you never stop doing what you do because I am sure there are so many peoples lives you have changed through your work. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and what you have done for me.
Parul Jain (India) 

R Goel (Mumbai, India)

Since the last 10 years you show me the way what to do and how to do that.

Rajesh Goel
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