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Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant
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Ronald  (Calgary, AB)

Q. I am a non- believer of Astrology and related subjects. My curiosity is why would someone visit an Astrologer/occultist/spiritualist  when it is not a proven science?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant I will answer your question in 3 parts. In the first part I will talk about categories of people in terms of belief. In the second part I would discuss about why would someone visit an Astrologer/occultist/spiritualist. In the third part I will discuss about  your term “not a proven science”.
(First Part)
All the people of the world fall into one of the three categories viz – Believers , Non- Believers and Agnostics (those who neither believe nor disbelieve but are waiting for more proof on either side).  Believers start with the premise that all that is being said or done is true and the non- believers start with the premise that all that is being done or said is not true. Both the methodologies are equally  incorrect. Neither of them gets closer to the truth. You need to first of all question your own disbelief – is your disbelief because of strong evidence against the subject? Or is your disbelief  because of lack of exposure to the subject (or to simply put it - to the lack of positive experience about the subject)?
If your disbelief is because of strong evidence against the subject  this is the right type of disbelief and you are the true Non- Believer and you should share your evidence with the world and enlighten the world about it.
If your disbelief is because of lack of exposure to the subject and it’s practioners then you are not the true Non-Believer. Your disbelief can get converted into belief in just a few positive experiences about the subject or it’s practioners. In this case then you are the unpredictable Non-Believer who could switch sides easily.
Please find out first of all which kind of non believer are you ?
Second Part
Now let me answer your question about why would somebody visit an Astrologer/occultist/spiritualist? Before I answer that question I would like to tell you what kinds of people (Believers, non-Believer, Agnostics) visit the Astrologers/occultists/Spiritualists. It is actually kind of funny because all the three kinds of people visit the Astrologers/occultists/spiritualists. The believers visit because all their beliefs put together are not able to solve the riddles in their life. The non-believers visit because all their disbeliefs put together cannot answer/solve the riddles of their life. The Agnostics visit because they are truly looking to find a direction whether to believe or to dis-believe.
In one line one visits an Astrologer/Occultist/Spiritualist when they reach the boundary of their own wisdom.
Third part
“Not a proven science”
True it’s not a proven science but that’s only half the statement  because at the same time It’s also not a disproven science. Nobody has yet been able to disprove it with strong evidence.
Lisa (Winnipeg, Canada)

Q. Acharya Rajesh in your column on Astrology you mention about past lives, do you actually believe in past lives? Does one get born again and again?  One more question if rebirth actually happens how can I know about my past life?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant You can’t teach a new born fish how to swim. Why not ? Because it already knows that. Ask the fish how it knows to swim and the fish will not be able to tell you how  but still the fish knows how to swim and does it much better than someone who has learnt the theory about the principles and techniques involved in swimming.
Beliefs are based on knowing or learning the theory about the principles and techniques of something but knowing comes from wisdom, it cannot be taught, it has to be experienced, and goes much beyond belief. Beliefs have two ways to go - right or wrong but wisdom has only one way to go and that is always right. Whether you believe or not into past lives is immaterial the day you know the truth you are beyond beliefs and it wouldn’t matter whether you believe into it or not you just know.
Does one get born again and again? – just hearing “yes one gets born again and again” won’t help you need to “KNOW”. The best way to know is probe it, experience it . You could go to any past life regression therapist to experience it.
I have stopped doing past life regression as it just solves one problem but at the same time it creates’s a vicious may answer things about the present life but may raise questions about the past life and then you need to go into another past life.... and so on and so forth....
Abraham ( Chicago, USA)

Q. How can one know about past lives from the planetary positions?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant The houses in the horoscopes especially the twelfth house and the planets associated with the twelfth house by way of presence or aspects indicate about the quality and nature of the immediate previous birth.
It is the aura that tells so much more about the past lives and the level of evolution of the soul for the individual.
Hillary (Seattle, USA)

Q.What good does it do to know the past life? Why should one know the past life?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant Very Good and very relevant question. One should not endeavour to know the past life just for the sake of entertainment or for the sake of simply finding out.
Past life probing is to be done only when there are unexplained areas of your present life for which you do not have any understanding or explanation and it’s becoming a problem in your life or reflecting negatively on your personality or the quality of your life.
Knowing the past life or lives sometimes helps in the spiritual journey as it throws light on where you are stuck so that you can endeavour to consciously overcome it and move forward. Sometimes knowing the truth is  astonishing  “ You may be stuck at the same point for thousands of your births”. It’s also sometimes funny to know and realize you have been making the same mistakes for the last thousands of years....a small realization in the worldly journey but a leap in the spiritual path....
Wendy (Vancouver, Canada)

Q.I have asked this question to a number of people and gotten different answers and am totally confused as to who is right and who is wrong, whom to follow and whom not to follow. I just want to know what is the purpose of life? I have gotten answers that fall into a range from ...the purpose is to make a mark......the purpose is to leave behind a legacy....the purpose is to do good....the purpose is to help others...the purpose is to be on and so....

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant My answer is going to confuse you it’s again going to add to the so many answers that you already have and your dilemma will increase further as now you will have one more answer to choose from....
My dear friend I will not give an answer but I will give you tips to know whether the answer to your question is the right answer. First of all you need to understand that everything in this world starts with “I” . All your questions come into being only after you come into being in the world. You look at the world from your own eyes, you feel the world with your own short it’s all about you...if something doesn’t make you happy it’s not the right thing for you no matter what the world tells u...if something doesn’t taste good to u do u still like to eat it? No (ofcourse except for medicines...)
It’s all about you. That’s what it is even about the purpose of life, it’s about you. The purpose is you should be happy! If you are not happy the entire purpose gets defeated.
Happiness is the only purpose of life....Just choose to be happy no matter what and slowly happiness will begin to surround you .....Oops did I just answer your question!
Sheela (Surrey, BC)

Q.Please don’t laugh but I have a really stupid question to ask “what is it that makes the so called spiritualists special” ?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant Please don’t laugh as I have a really stupid answer to give - What makes the spiritualist special is the realization that he/she is the most common man/woman. That there is nothing special about them....Jesus led the life of a common man...Gautam Buddha gave up his princely life to lead the life of a commoner....Saint Kabir was born on the streets and lived on the streets.... Prophet Mohammed led the life of a common man....St Francis of Assissi.....Socrates ....all led the life of a common man....Lord Ram led the life of a common man a wanderer rather....the list is endless...Realizing how common one is, is the speciality about the spiritualists.......LOL ....paradoxical but true.
Neil  (White Rock, BC)

Q.I am confused about the difference between Religion and Spirituality? Don’t they both mean the same thing? I have heard people use religion and spirituality interchangeably. Is there a real difference between the two or are they both the same?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant It’s not just you but most of the people are confused about this and use the words interchangeably. Let me try and explain to you
Religion is about discipline, a system, an order, a defined path, loveless, a place of worship, a priest, Holy Book, rituals, occasions, important dates (events), talking-waiting-planning about heaven, desecrating life (because it is born out of sin..)....waiting for joy...
Spirituality is about spontaneity, instinct, innocence, love, rawness, no path, just faith, no particular place of worship (you can worship anywhere), no priest, no Holy Book, no rituals, no special occasions (all occasions are special), no important dates (all days equally important equally joyous), no talking or waiting or planning for heaven, celebrating life, just joyous, happy to be....
Don’t need to explain further....Do I ?
Samantha (Toronto, Canada)

Q.What is Aura, does everybody have an Aura, and how do you read the Aura?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant Aura is a light (not seen by the normal eyes) around your soul so around your body. Yes everybody has an Aura around them.  Aura is seen with the third eye. People who have their third eye open can see the Aura in their peripheral vision. Aura of different people have different colours and different patterns. One who is able to see the Aura is also able to interpret it. Aura is a very significant indicator of the evolution of the soul of the individual.
Daniele (California, USA)

Q.What is Aura Cleansing and how is it done?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant In simple words the problem in the Aura is because of the negative energy that’s gotten inside it and the cleansing is by putting the positive energy inside it. 
Many a times the Aura shows a greying/ blackening or breaks in certain areas which could be indicative of mental/physical or psychological issues. Aura cleansing means removing the greying/blackening or breaks. It is done by inputting positive energy to clean up the greying/blackening or breaks in the aura. Different Aura healers adopt different techniques to input the positive energy. Sometimes this can be completed in one session sometimes it may take a few sessions.

Dave (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Q.You talk about past lives, have you seen yours, has it been of help?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

Yes dear Dave, I have seen my immediate past life and many previous past lives and the biggest help I got was I realized I have been making the same mistake for at least last 50 thousand years and was going to make the same mistake again in this birth too when I got this realization and I immediately withdrew my steps and now whenever I look back I just smile and relax....the desire to do good is the biggest’s an intoxication that can keep you intoxicated for thousands and thousands of years (liquor and other intoxicants can only intoxicate you for a few hours...but  this can intoxicate you birth after birth) without you realising it....

Prakash (New Delhi, India)

Q. Have you heard of a society in Nagpur, India called the Rationalist Society of India. They go about breaking the myth that Astrology is a science. They have thrown open challenge to all Astrologers of the world if they could answer some simple questions like (1) by looking into the horoscope of an individual you have to tell whether the individual is male or female? (2) How many brothers or sisters does the individual have (3) whether the individual is dead or alive? ...and a host of other similar questions.....???
Moreover Astronomy has proven that there is no other planet than the nine planets and there is no such planets as Rahu (Dragon’s head) and Ketu (Dragon’s Tail ) but the Astrologers still account for them in their calculations and mark them in the horoscopes. Isn’t this preposterous ? Taking something absolutely imaginary into their calculations ? And the gullible Public gets taken for a ride ? What is your take on this?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

First of all the let me tell you something, the manner in which you have put the question tells me that you are either a practicing journalist or training to be one.
Coming to your question now – Yes I have heard about this Society called Rationalist Society of India and also read some articles about them. Many a times I felt like taking up their challenge but then found it too childish to get involved in this game of Ego up man ship.
I will first of all throw back a question at the so called Rationalists and I dare them to take up my challenge – I will give them a map from the latest version of the Google Earth which will clearly show the houses and the lanes and by lanes, all they have to do is tell me how many men and how many women live in that area?
Find the question too silly to be answered??? Then why are you throwing the same question at me and all the other Astrologers of the world. First of all do you know what is a horoscope?
A horoscope is a map. It’s a map showing the location of the planets and the 12 zodiac signs as they were on a particular date and time at a particular geographic location. I don’t think anywhere in the world a map has a sex, that of male or female. A horoscope could be made for anyone, human, animal, bird, corporation, living, non living....and it relates to the map of the planets vis a vis the zodiac signs.
I pity the questioner, he did not go into the depth of understanding his own question and still calls himself a Rationalist??? By what standards!!!
A horoscope only indicates the total potential number of brothers and sisters or children. Where the parents put the full stop is up to them (with all the family planning methods now in place) and how will you come to know about your secret half brothers and half sisters (you can never tell, right?) and another thing - are you sure your siblings are your full brothers and sisters. Have you seen their DNA certificates?? I will consider you a true Rationalist if you have done that or else you are not a Rationalist at all. After all “charity begins at home” !!!!!
This same society has few chapters here in the Greater Vancouver Area too and the President of one of the Chapters says he is an Atheist but believes in the principles of Sikhism, ties  a turban, sports a beard and goes to Gurudwara regularly (search the internet and you will probably get to read about him).
My question is how can you be an Atheist and a believer at the same time???????? And still call yourselves Rationalists. By what Rationale?? According to me that’s pseudo Rationalism, what suits their Rationale is the only rationale they will accept and still dare call themselves Rationalists because they are members of this so called society the Rationalist Society.
What intrigues me most is that they still have admirers and followers. Only goes on to prove the great old saying “ the wise does not look for a less wise to admire him but the fool will always find a greater fool to admire him”.
Going to your shot on the non existence of Rahu (dragon’s head) and Ketu (Dragon’s tail ) by Astronomy. I wish you had gone a little deeper. Let me explain it to you
Do you believe in the Equator? Yes you have read about it in your geography class?
Except for the globe and the world map has anyone ever actually seen the line of equator on the land of the Earth? No. And the question seems silly???
Nobody has seen the equator but the entire world believes in it including the scientists, the Rationalists and the common humans because there is a logical explanation to it. Like wise Rahu and Ketu do not exist physically but they have a logical explanation and this logical explanation is provided by no other subject but Astronomy itself.  Just as the equator is an imaginary line at the centre of the earth dividing the earth in two hemispheres,  Rahu and Ketu are (called shadow planets in Astrology  too)  two imaginary points in space. Which are these 2 imaginary points? The answer is provided by Astronomy itself.
The moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the Sun. The orbit of the moon (around the earth) cuts the orbit of the earth (around the Sun) at two points and one of these points is called Rahu and the other point is called Ketu. These two points give the effect as if two malefic (in the language of Astrology) planets were exerting their presence,  at these locations (in those houses and Zodiac signs). No Astrologer (whether they understand the astronomical explanation for Rahu and Ketu or not) has yet been able to deny their existence. Take away the presence of Rahu and Ketu from any horosc ope and the astrological principles start to fall apart. It is for this strong reason that the West has also adopted them and coined their terms Dragon’s head (for Rahu) and Dragon’s tail (for Ketu).
Now tell me who has been gullible the public or the so called Rationalists????? One more thing let me tell you that these so called Rationalists will have trouble digesting my Rationale!!! And that is why I call them pseudo Rationalists!
Do you now understand why any Astrologer worth his knowledge would not like to take up this imaginary challenge of the pseudo Rationalists.
It’s so futile!!!!

Amber (Saskatoon, Canada)

Q. In your website you have mentioned about spirits/ghosts and Exorcism. I personally do not believe in them. How can one know for sure?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

I would strongly suggest that you should strongly hold on to your belief. Ignorance is bliss. Trust me on that!

Barbara (Vancouver, BC)

Q.Is there a way to see or if not then at least feel the presence of a spirit? Is there a risk in doing that?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

Please read my answer on Aura. People whose third eye is open can see the Aura in their peripheral vision. The same people can see the spirits too. If you really want to be able to see the spirits you would have to work towards getting your third eye to open. So far as feeling the presence of the spirit yes anytime I could take you to any such spot and you will be able to feel the presence without any difficulty or without any doubt what so ever. I have already done this with many so called  sceptics....
Yes there could be risk if you are attempting doing this by yourself but if you are with somebody like me you are protected...

Parm (Surrey, BC)

Q.How do I meet you?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

Just call me or email me to fix up an appointment.

Sandy (Manitoba, Canada

Q.What is Spiritual Initiation? Who is qualified for it?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

Simply said it is getting somebody started (started may not be the right word as we are all on the spiritual path so please substitute it with “accelerated”) on the journey of the spiritual path. In the spiritual path the most significant part is spending time in presence of the master (In the Eastern (Indian) civilization there is a term for it “Satsang” which means being in the company of the truthful).
One and all, Everyone is qualified for it though in some cases the master may decide to wait before accelerating the spiritual journey of certain disciple/s. The best age group is 30’s to 5o’s in general but is not limited to this.

Neena (Surrey, BC)

Q.What are your views on the 2012 Doomsday predictions?

Acharya Rajesh Clairvoyant

Nothing absolutely nothing. There is nothing special about 2012. The world is not coming to an end then. But there is something significant rather very significant and all the spiritualists intuitively know about it but the event the transition has already occurred 2 years back and this transition was strongly  on for  about 5 years before the actual shift  that happened 2 years back. I know by now you would be very curious to know what is it??
There has been a transition (and this is very significant as this transition happens after  thousands of years) from the male power to the female power in the spiritual world. We have entered the era of Women power (in the spiritual world). Up to 2 yrs back from now it was easier for the men to attain enlightenment but now it will be easier for the women to attain enlightenment. Collectively they are just one step away from enlightenment. It’s funny when I observe people in a group I find the women so much more aware compared to the men folk who are now going deeper into their ego states and away from spirituality. Men will still attain but the ratio of women attaining would be much higher. The world will see a number of women masters in the coming times...
One more thing -Across the globe the trend will slowly shift towards a matriarchal society.....

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